Hello and welcome to our website.  My name is Sonia Poolman and I am the owner of Lighthouse Driving Academy.  This is my family and we live in Trewellard. Aside from Jeremy, my husband, Joel, my son, Annie and Tom, our two dogs and Cid, our feral cat,  I also have two grown-up children and three amazing grandsons.

I am a Red-trained driving instructor and I also enhanced my training by working with the incredible trainers Ged and Claire Wilmot in Manchester.  The decision to start an independent academy has turned out to be one of the most positive and exciting times of my life.  The support I have had from family and friends has been immense.  Without this support I doubt this venture would ever have come about.


Learning to drive for a lot of people is a hugely exciting prospect; however, for others it will be a daunting one.  Our aim here at the Academy is to be sensitive to everyone’s different needs.  We will provide fresh, friendly and approachable tuition which is individually tailored to suit each client.


The Academy is very proud to be sponsored by Empowering You Therapies.  Fiona Fear is a therapist who employs a range of modern non-invasive therapy methods to help with, amongst many other things,  exam and test nerves.  (Please read more on the ‘About our sponsor’ page.)  Having had first-hand experience of just how effective these types of treatment are, I am so excited to have Fiona on board.  I have no doubt that Empowering You Therapies is the perfect choice to run alongside our Driving Academy.  Although the two companies are completely separate, I believe that there will be people who feel they may benefit from both.

 A Special Thanks to:


My amazing husband Jeremy and son Joel

They have stood by me throughout and have happily made many sacrifices for me.


Les Shaw, Red ADI trainer.


Ged and Claire Wilmot - just the most inspiring and amazing trainers ever.   

They believed in me even when I didn’t believe in myself.

My Dad.  His love, encouragement and support have been as valuable

to me as his initial financial backing.


Tracy Poolman, my lovely sister-in-law.  So much support and encouragement

and also a surprise contribution to my setting-up costs.


Joanna Poolman, my other lovely sister-in-law, who came up with the name ‘Lighthouse’

over cheese and plenty of wine one sunny evening last year.  Cheers!


Fiona Fear, for being a huge support and, of course, sponsor of our academy.


Meggie Laver, my beautiful daughter, who deals with my media presence.


Ben, my gorgeous and talented son-in-law, who put this website together.

Steve Campbell, a Red driving instructor and professional photographer,

who took me under his wing and has given me so much guidance.


Alan (the eye roller), for help and advice on designing and printing our Academy

T-shirts from Bluefurball Penzance.