The Lighthouse car is a white manual Dacia Sandero 1.5, fitted with dual controls. It is low spec, therefore making it simple and easy to learn to drive in. The car is equipped with a comprehensive First Aid kit, a fire extinguisher, two High Visibility jackets, a roadside warning triangle and safe-driving test kits. The car is a strictly non-smoking vehicle; although smoke-breaks may be taken outside of the car upon request, they will count as part of your paid-for time.


DSA guidlines recommend forty to forty-seven hours of qualified driving tuition and a further twenty hours of private practice in order to reach test level. Obviously, these are only guidelines, and it is important to remember that everybody learns at a different pace.  Our aim is to take you to beyond the level required for success by the time you take your test.  This gives you a much better chance of passing on the day, and will also help you feel less intimidated when you are out there on your own.


Whichever driving school you choose for your lessons, each session will inevitably start with a greeting, a recap, cockpit drill and then the time it takes to feel comfortable and safe behind the wheel again.  On average, this will take around fifteen minutes.  If you have booked a one hour session, that will equate to one quarter of your entire lesson. Because of this, my preference is to teach in two-hour sessions; this allows for greater continuity and I believe it will help you pass in fewer sessions, therefore saving you money.  This is, however, only a recommendation, and we fully understand that circumstances may mean that this is not always possible.