Much as we are reluctant to use this page, it is unfortunately necessary for the protection of all parties.


  1. The client must hold a current valid license (provisional or full.)These now need to be checked once only by the instructor online prior to the first session.

  2. The client must be able to read a number plate at 20.5m (67ft) or approx five car lengths.

  3. Standard sessions will be 1.5 hours plus ten minutes at the end of the session for a debrief. This will be free of charge.

  4. On arrival to collect the client, the instructor will wait no longer than fifteen minutes, if there has been no contact within this time.In the event of this being the case, the session will be charged at full rate. Similarly, if the instructor is more than fifteen minutes late without contact, the next session will be free of charge.

  5. Gift vouchers.Redemption must be started within a six month period and completed within a twelve month period of issue.

  6. Cancellations must be made by the client and acknowledged by the instructor at least twenty-four hours prior to the session.  Cancellations made after this time will be charged at full session rate.

  7. In the event of mechanical breakdown or adverse weather conditions, we reserve the right to re-schedule the session to a mutually convenient time without compensation.However, should either of these situations occur during the session, resulting in the session being terminated, the following session of the same length will be free of charge.

  8. If in the unlikely event that we believe the client has not reached a sufficient level when nearing their test, we reserve the right to withdraw the use of the vehicle for test.However, this decision will always be made in plenty of time to change the booking without financial forfeit.

  9. If at the start of a session there is anything to suggest that the client is under the influence of alcohol or substance misuse, the client will be offered the choice of either terminating the session or agreeing to a relevant safety check.  Refusal to take the safety check or an outcome to that check which, in the opinion of the instructor, would make it unsafe to continue with the session, will result in the session being charged at full session rate.  However, should the safety check  confirm that it is in fact safe to continue, the session will proceed free of charge.

  10. Obviously every effort is made not make any physical contact during sessions; however, should the instructor ever need to intervene for safety reasons (ie taking hold of the wheel) and physical contact is made, the instructor will pull over as soon as possible and explain the reasons for this.

  11. This is a strictly non-smoking vehicle.Smoke-breaks outside the vehicle may be taken upon request, however these are included as part of the paid tuition.